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Sweet Idea.

john piermarini
Photo by Barbara Booras

It’s hard to believe six months have passed since I finished my article that was recently published in The Boston Globe. The profile highlights the inspiring story of John Piermarini, a 25-year-old Somerville local, who left a steady job to pursue his passion project, a cookie bicycle delivery business called Sweet Idea.

“If you were given $1 million, what would you do with it?” That simple question was posed by John Piermarini’s fifth-grade teacher, Ms. Ferrell, in Acton. Classmates planned extravagant vacations or donated their wealth to charity. Piermarini, who was fascinated by kitchen equipment and enthralled with his childhood hobby of baking, had a pretty sweet idea.”

John’s uplifting story reminds readers not to lose sight of our dreams even if it means taking a major risk. The complete article can be found on The Boston Globe website.