About Favoritenoodle - Barbara BoorasNo, this site isn’t really about noodles. Do you feel deceived? Maybe a bowl of ramen now and then but Favoritenoodle is focused on food and drink adventures right here in Boston.

Never a picky eater growing up, I would try practically anything. I had my most-loved dishes within my mother’s repertoire but then there were those nights when she didn’t feel like cooking. That’s when I’d request Favoritenoodle; macaroni and cheese out of blue box. You know the kind I’m talking about. The noodles seasoned with a salty packet of orange powder still stir up a whole host of warm and fuzzy feelings.

My palette has since changed over the years and my mac and cheese doesn’t come out of a box anymore. I’ve been a cook and caterer, and I’m an aspiring food writer but I’ve got a lot to learn. I love supporting local restaurants, bars, stores and farms and you should too. I eat out probably more than I should but that doesn’t stop me.

So that’s my story – I’m a fun-loving foodie just noodling around, documenting culinary experimentation, restaurant and bar experiences, and everything in between. Read along and follow me on my adventures.

Barbara Booras, Founder

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